In my book, What Patients Don’t Say, If Doctors Don’t Listen, I discussed how the day-to-day challenges of our practices can wear down the initial inspiration to heal for many healthcare professionals. It doesn’t need to be that way, though. There is a new paradigm, which can make all the difference, if we’re willing to embrace it.

This is a movement of consciousness about the health of the planet, and our individual health. It empowers people to take a more active role in their health, rather than “blindly” following the advice of their doctor or health practitioner. As in parenting, the phrase “because I said so” is falling on deaf ears. For the “old” approach to work, a whole infrastructure is required. There must be dire consequences and disciplinary action for anyone who fails to heed the pronouncements of the authorities. Our world is changing fast.

New research in quantum physics, the development of the field of psychoneuroimmunology, and the Baby Boomers’ grasp on anti-aging are just some of the forces driving the human potential for change to a whole new level.

Evidence of this expanding awareness and interest in the importance of taking a proactive approach to individual health is found in the many integrative medical centers which are becoming the norm in Europe, in pharmaceutical companies’ new emphasis on “natural” products, and in the myriad complementary and alternative treatments that are emerging daily.

I invite all of you to embrace, rather than resist, this change and to play your role within this evolution. In the following series of blog posts I’ll explore precisely how you can do just that: by listening and by being heard.