No matter how old you get, your memories carry your inner child within you. Yet often, many healers lose touch of themselves as they give all their care to others. Like crumbling buildings, their boundaries are torn down, and their foundation shakes. They no longer feel grounded and in touch with their own mind, body and heart. The more they give of themselves the more they lose their sense of identity.

While their empathy is boundless, they begin absorbing the pain of other people. Then they forget to take care of themselves. What happens is a form of self-abandonment. They begin losing that inner spark that drives them in the first place. It creates a block within their bodies which affects their flow. Sometimes they don’t even realize it. They’ve been carrying their wounds for so long that they begin to ignore the red flags of self abandonment.

When self care becomes a burden

As a healer, self-care simply isn’t optional. It’s a must for clearing out your energies, so you can radiate your inner light. Touch is more than just about proper technique. It’s about connecting with another person. That can only happen when you are overflowing with love. This process can only happen from within.

When we talk about self care, we don’t mean splurging on expensive gifts or going on holiday. That can be part of it, yes. However, it really goes beyond that. The words we say are powerful, and what we say about ourselves speaks volumes about the care we give to ourselves. Visualizations and positive affirmations can be a way of healing the mind.

It really is that simple. The problem is we often forget to stop and breathe. We forget to simply be still and pay attention to our bodies.

When you lose touch with your intuition

Have you ever regretted ignoring your gut feeling? You feel something in your bones, and you know in the pit of your stomach something’s wrong. Yet you rationalize it, and you push those thoughts aside. When you realize you’ve been right all along, you feel so upset you could kick yourself.

Why does it hurt so much when we ignore our intuition? It’s quite simple. The body knows more than what our conscious minds can readily process. Now, intuition is not to be confused with fear. This isn’t about the fight or flight instinct. Neither is this about the debilitating sense of anxiety we get when we ruminate. No, this is an overwhelming sense of clarity you possess. It’s there to protect you and guide you. When you stop paying attention to it, then it stops talking. What you’re actually doing is silencing yourself.

When you hold onto destructive habits

Often, it’s not the big things we do that shape our lives. It’s the little things we do daily. Think about our diet for example. What are we putting in our bodies? How are we nourishing it? Now, think about the information we consume. What are we feeding our minds? How does it become so cluttered? Do we really have control over our lives, or are we allowing some subtle influence to infiltrate it? Destructive habits are often a symptom of a much deeper problem. It’s when we lose touch of our needs that we succumb to a toxic lifestyle.