By Dr. Angela Durante, Prof Denis Rancourt, and et al.
Global Research, November 01, 2021
Ontario Civil Liberties Association 29 August 2021
Region: Canada
Theme: Law and Justice, Science and Medicine

Following their “Open Letter to the Unvaccinated”, an expanding group of Canadian scholars
has now written a letter addressing “the vaccinated”. The writers expose the divisiveness of
vaccination status and denounce the resulting rift in society.
Giving up civil liberties in exchange for a false sense of safety is futile. We must not accept a
descent into medical apartheid in Canada and around the world.
The letter appeals both to those who chose to take the vaccine and those who were
coerced. It reflects on the broader implications of our actions in an effort to collaborate on a
constructive path forward.
Open Letter to the Vaccinated

Prime Minister Trudeau recently warned that “there will be consequences” if federal
employees do not comply with vaccine mandates. This is a voice of tyranny that has
reverberated fear and heightened agitation across our country. It has launched our nation
into deep division around mass vaccination and brought our collective recovery from this
pandemic to a critical head. In fact, it forces us, as a country, to finally ask: indeed, what are
those consequences?

What are the societal consequences of being divided along the lines of vaccination status?
What are the consequences of mandating such an insufficiently tested medical intervention?
How is this all supposed to end well?

The consequences will be dire, to be certain. And the consequences will affect all of us, the
vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike.

Over the last six months, many of us made our decision to accept the vaccine in good faith
doing the right thing in order to work, travel and visit the people we love. Sadly, some of us
have been pressured or coerced. And now, mounting evidence worldwide shows that these
vaccines cannot stop the transmission of the virus and variants, yet vaccination mandates continue.

Meanwhile, the pharma corporations are earning billions of dollars of public money, and
pushing to fast-track the vaccines towards full approval, without due process or public
discussion. It is abundantly clear that when money and politics intertwine, science and
ethics take a back seat.

Maybe you once resented those who hesitated to get the vaccine, as people who were not
doing their part; but maybe it is time to consider that we have all become passengers on the
same runaway train. The meaning of “fully vaccinated” is rapidly changing as leaders
demand the next booster upgrade and threaten ousting us from public spaces if we don’t
comply. So, if you are among the “fully vaccinated” today, by tomorrow you may become
one of the “insufficiently vaccinated” and be coerced into taking another shot.
If history is any indication, this will not stop with barring admission to concerts or bars.
When you can no longer buy food, access banking, vote in person or cross a provincial
border, it will be crystal clear that the same discriminatory practices that you hope to
abolish will be ever more firmly established. The real consequences await all of us.
Perhaps you’ve had your full round of doses and are now having doubts about whether to
continue based on the alarming number of infections among the vaccinated. Or maybe you
know someone who has been vaccine-injured or are concerned about the mounting death
reports in conjunction with vaccinations.

We keep asking ourselves, “Why is the data not allowed to be scrutinized and why are
independent experts being censored if they attempt to do just that?” It is incomprehensible,
and decidedly un-Canadian, to see the silencing of highly regarded doctors and health
scientists in our country and around the globe.

History has taught us that one-sided arguments and outlawed dissent are signs of
totalitarianism lurking at the doorstep. Soon, asking questions will make you an enemy of
the State. Mandating vaccines is a breaking point. “My body, my choice” has been one of
the hallmarks of a free and democratic society, but this is changing. Canadians are being
robbed of personal decision making.

With lockdowns already scheduled for the fall, and boosters at the ready, we are entering a
watershed moment. Are we all willing to continue being injected indefinitely? In Canadian
provinces and around the world vaccine passports are demonstrating our new, long-term
relationship with medical coercion in exchange for basic freedoms. Thus far, each treatment
has been promised to be the last, but it couldn’t be clearer that there is no end in sight.
And now they’re coming for our children.

With extremely low risk of becoming ill and practically no risk of dying from COVID-19, the
mass vaccination of children and adolescents remains unwarranted. Lining up our healthy
children for medical treatment was never part of the deal. Most disturbingly of all, we are
being primed for mass vaccination campaigns in our schools that do not require parental
consent. Does the government decide what is best for our children? Without question, the
family ties that bind us are being undone. Justifiably, parents are appalled by this
unprecedented overreach and are debating pulling their children out of schools.

Despite our best intentions, families are scarred, friends are divided, and partners are at
odds with each other. We have been weakened by our division and manipulated through

Just how far will we allow this to go? “All the way!” some of us declare. But “all the way” is a
place we will never reach. We need to stop this medical catastrophe and face the truth: this
isn’t about our health; it is about politics and it is about control.

The consequences of following Prime Minister Trudeau’s current orders are greater than his
threatened consequences. We entered into this for one another, not for our politicians. We
have done what we felt we had to do, and now we must say, ‘This is far enough, no more!’

Angela Durante, PhD
Denis Rancourt, PhD
Jan Vrbik, PhD
Laurent Leduc, PhD
Valentina Capurri, PhD
Amanda Euringer, Journalist
Claus Rinner, PhD
Maximilian C. Forte, PhD
Julie Ponesse, PhD
Michael Owen, PhD
Donald G. Welsh, PhD
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Featured image is from Children’s Health Defense
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