Have you or anyone you know had an unwelcome diagnosis, could be tennis elbow, diabetes, arthritis? I have developed a system to help you take the story out of the diagnosis and reframe your health, starting by listening to your body. What I have come to know for certain after having been in practice for over two decades is the body can heal, and healing starts when you start listening to your body.

Are you ready to listen? Loving your body is about listening to your body. Love vanquishes your fear and the war against your body. Ignorance is not bliss. Only inquiry will open the path to true health. Symptoms are not a curse to repress, but clues to healing. No need to feel trapped by your diagnosis. Your diagnosis is just a story of your current state of health. Touch provides the door to transformation.

Trust the program scripted in your body to heal. Engage the possibility. Go beyond fear and embrace a more natural way, now or never. It is your time and the time is now.

There is a difference between understanding what you need to do and the transformation that comes from experiencing the change your body is speaking. All you need to do is learn to listen.

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