The Bowen Technique abides by the healing principles of First do no harm and respect for the innate healing capacity of the body. Bowen Therapy uses the smallest of interventions and results in the maximum of results.

Bowen is non-invasive and gentle; works on the principle that “less is more” and the “minimum dose”; it is a true healing modality

Bowen restores brain function and cellular coherence by:

  • Releasing emotional trauma stored in cellular memory
  • Integrating the mind and body healing process
  • Allowing the body to release emotion and held patterns of pain that express themselves as PTSD, OCD and some presentations of ADD
  • Reducing brain inflammation, which causes depression, dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. Bowen down-regulates stress and creates mindful awareness while creating a deeper connection to the body. Bowen releases the diaphragm which improves breathing capacity and digestion
  • Improved breathing capacity in turn, reduces anxiety and releases held emotions
  • Releasing the diaphragm also reduces tension on the connective tissue which restores alignment Bowen improves sleep through restoring parasympathetic function and re-establishing circadian rhythm via melatonin from the pineal gland
  • Bowen restores digestive function through the nervous system in the gut (enteric nervous system). A more functional enteric nervous system improves assimilation and proper elimination. More time spent in parasympathetic mode regulates cortisol & epinephrine which reduces the toxic effect of exposure to chronic elevated stress hormones
  • Relaxation allows the body to respond to the brain’s command to search for imbalances in the system and to make the necessary adjustments to correct any disorders.