Since the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a Pandemic, everyone has been inundated with news, perhaps some misinformation. It’s only natural that your uncertainty, stress and anxiety are running high. How, then, are you to remain grateful, calm, joyous and present in our current circumstances? Our physical and emotional health can be greatly affected by this stress, resulting in our bodies being stuck in the fight, flight or freeze response of our autonomic nervous system. 

If you are unable to receive a Bowen treatment or connect with your health professional in the coming weeks, we encourage you to practice the following Grounding Technique:

Build awareness of your surroundings and connect with your senses, take yourself out of the stress response you’re experiencing. Come back to your present state…

You might have heard of this Grounding Technique before but it serves as a great reminder to take a moment wherever you might be and ground yourself. Allow yourself the opportunity to see, touch, hear, smell and even taste what is all around you. Bring yourself back to your present state, clearing any anxiety or uncertainty you might be feeling. 

We call this 5-4-3-2-1…

List 5 things you can SEE

List 4 things you can TOUCH

List 3 things you can HEAR

List 2 things you can SMELL

List 1 thing you can TASTE

When you get into the subtle senses it will require you to focus on the present moment. Use this grounding exercise as often as you need throughout the day. Appreciate how you feel less anxious and more connected, calm and aware. 

Bring Yourself Back to Your Senses