Healing demands hard work.  We all know just how physically demanding certain body therapies can be.  Healthcare practitioners work long hours putting constant strain on their joints and muscles.  Many body therapists overextend themselves depleting their energy and set themselves up for physical injury.

Why do this?  Many are under the impression that the more work they do physically the better their patients will feel and the more their patients will appreciate their services.

We have bought into the belief that more is better.  We equate the benefits to our clients with our physical efforts and push ourselves to go above and beyond our own capacity to serve our clients.  We believe that the only way clients will come back to us is if we push ourselves and show them how hard we work. This attitude leads us to repetitive risk injuries, generalized physical stress, and exhaustion.

But for the client, it reinforces the notion that more is better when in fact healing actually is not measured by sheer force and effort.  There’s a total disconnect here.

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