Today’s post is a national television interview with Dr. Manon about the biggest mistakes that most people make in treating pain.  

Host: Well, it’s estimated that one in four Americans have suffered from pain that lasts longer than 24 hours. So what’s the best way to manage that pain? Well, Dr. Manon Bolliger is here to help. Good morning.

Dr. Manon:  Good morning and thank you for having me.

Host:  You got it.  We’re happy to have you.   And we were talking about even George Clooney.

Dr. Manon: That’s right. He experiences pain. He got hurt while he was shooting his movie, Syriana, and he still suffers from headaches. And the funny thing is he’s actually in Vancouver and I have clinics that are where I could treat him. I would love for him to know that you can actually address that type of trauma to your body.

Host:  Okay. So what should someone do if they are in pain? There are actually three mistakes that you should never make.

Dr. Manon:  That’s right. The first mistake is to be dehydrated.

That’s why I have my water bottle and water is what you need. So it’s not the same as drinking pop or diet pop or coffee, beer, and all that. That actually helps you to be further dehydrated. So you need to be hydrated to be able to deal with pain, just pure, clean water. The other thing is don’t shoot the messenger. Now imagine if you’re driving a car and the dash lights go on and you see oil and engine and you thought, hmm, instead of just paying attention to that and trying to understand what’s behind there, you pull the plug out or you muck around with the computer system. Well, you know, if you’re going to drive that car, you’re going to go into a big accident, right? So that’s how we treat our bodies. We don’t pay attention to the root causes.

The third mistake is that we don’t power down.  So if I look at a flashlight and I’m the battery, if I don’t know how to turn it off and actually allow my body to regenerate and recuperate and reboot, then I’m going to go on very low, low power to heal myself. And we need our parasympathetic systems to start healing. Okay? Powering down could mean turn off the cell phone, turn off the laptop, really take a break. All of that. And there are many methods that help the body go into parasympathetic medic.

Host:  Okay, so how can we manage the pain?

Dr. Manon: Okay, well the Ease formula that I’ve created is number one, E is eliminate the toxic relationships you have with yourself, with your family, with your environment. It could be at work.

Also, it might be the way you treat your food or foods that cause an inflammatory reaction in your body. The other thing you need to do is A, align yourself with core values, which means how you live is actually how you heal. S is for side effects. Look at all the side effects of things we’re taking. For example, if you take medication that helps combat cholesterol levels if they also have the side effects of decreasing  CoQ10 levels in your body. Not only are you going to have pain, but you’re also going to oxidize your LDH and you’re going to have holes in your arteries. Now, that’s going to cause a heart attack. So pay attention to all that and let’s get to the root cause. And finally, E is empower yourself with knowledge and engage in your healthcare.

Because if you don’t do it, no one else is going to do it.  

Host:  Okay. Lots of good things in here. For more information, where can they go and get a free sheet?

Dr. Manon:  Okay, so basically I have, And there’s a free chapter or intro. It’s actually a teleseminar. So please go ahead and get that and also I have and it’s a book that’s also available on Amazon that’s been a best seller. And I’m really hoping that we take charge of our health because if we don’t do it, no one’s going to do it for us.

Host:  Doctor Bolliger, thank you so much for your info and for being here.

Dr. Manon:  Thank you so much for having me.

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