The following is Part 2 of a 3 Part Feature with Athletic & Bowen Therapist, Brynn Bicknell. Brynn currently works out of a multidisciplinary clinic in Coquitlam as well as with a lower mainland hockey team. Last week we discussed Brynn’s first exposure to Bowen Therapy in treating concussions.

Part 2 – Learning Bowen Therapy

The first thing that Brynn Bicknell noticed about her very first Bowen treatment was that she didn’t realize how much pain and tension she was actually in!

Brynn knew she needed to learn more about Bowen Therapy after seeing some incredible results of the therapy on the players of a Junior B Hockey Team in Victoria, so she sought out treatment from the team’s Bowen Therapist.

As first her session progressed she could really feel the tension in her body disappear, and was amazed she hadn’t really noticed it before. It was the first time she realized all the tension she was carrying around. It occurred to her that all this tension and pain wasn’t normal, and with the help of Bowen, she could rid herself of this discomfort.  After her 3rd treatment, she was relieved of the tension and the effects were lasting.

Brynn knew she had to learn Bowen – and the team’s Bowen therapist recommend learning with Dr. Manon Bolliger, through Bowen College. What surprised her about the training is that she went into the classes thinking that she was going to be treating people with concussions exclusively, and came to understand that there was an incredible array of injuries and ailments she could also treat! She knew that this was going to be a great addition to her training as an Athletic Therapist, which would also allow her to see all sorts of patients. She registered for the Fast Track Program in September of 2014 and has been seeing results treating her patients ever since.

Bowen opened her eyes to how you are supposed to feel when you are not in pain. She was amazed how quickly doctors give up on pain, and patients just accept that pain will be a part of their life and try to ignore it. We commonly believe that as you get older, pain is just part of the equation, but with Bowen, she learned that is not the truth.

Make sure to join us next week for the final part of Brynn’s 3 Part Feature and learn how she has incorporated Bowen Therapy into her practice.