We Need To Keep Up The Fight To
Save Our Supplements


The fight to Save Our Supplements is not over yet — Health Canada continues to rush through new laws and significant fees to import, manufacture and sell Canadian-regulated Natural Health Products (NHPs), which will significantly impact businesses and retailers in our community.

We need to keep up the fight, and that’s where we need you!

SOS It’s Time to Get (Re) Involved 


  1. Send a letterto your Member of Parliament. Even if you have previously sent a letter, do it again. Now is not the time to let up!
  1. Mail a letter! We’ve heard from insiders that physical mail is more difficult to ignore. You can download a template here. Just fill out the information, seal it in an envelope and pop it in the mailbox. Postage paid!
  1. Watch out for postcards! We’re working with a selection of our member partners to get postcards back in retail stores asap.
  1. Share the word. Check out our updated Action Kit. We’ve updated the resources, including links to print files for postcards, posters, and templates for social media, emails and digital screens.


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