Often I find people feel like the physical or emotional pain that they harbour is deserved, or at least they accept it. Maybe you had terrible posture your whole life, or wore bad shoes, or lifted too much or played too many body contact sports, so you accept that your pain is a part of your life. Maybe a doctor has told you that there is too much damage, or you are too old, or your structural problems can only be relieved with surgery, and even then it may not restore you to 100% so they have given you pain killers, and told you had to live with this discomfort and pain for the rest of your life. Pain is accepted as just a part of your life now. Maybe you hardly even notice it anymore because it has become so normalized. What if this was just not true?   (CUT)


Mental health diagnoses can look very similar. Maybe your condition stems from events from your past, some maybe even subconscious. Maybe you were in a bad relationship or some traumatic event occured. Medical professionals may have told you that you can use drugs to turn down the symptoms manifesting from the accumulation of these events, fed into by your own beliefs and even your physiology, but the trauma is still there, under the surface, waiting to attach itself to new memories and experiences. You might believe your emotional or mental pain is acceptable, or somehow deserved and that it is a part of you. It may be so ingrained in your mental and physiological memory that you hardly notice the effects it has on your life, and your day-to-day well-being. If you are feeling bad these days, maybe this is something you need to consider? (2:01)


What if I told you, you didn’t have to accept this? What if I told you, you could heal deeper? What if I told you that your experience of pain and trauma could change? You deserve to have control of your life and be well – mentally, emotionally, and physically. You deserve to be released.

Bowen simply opens pathways that have been dormant. Once the pathways are opened, neural-chemical changes instantaneously radiate throughout the entire body, setting off numerous chains of events that powerfully and directly impact every system, organ, and muscle in the body. The overall impact on the body produces monumental shifts that can actually be felt during a typical Bowen treatment.

And that is why my missing is to let you know that you have choices.