In my last post I reflected on the short-sighted predilection to remove the gallbladder of patients with chronic gall stone problems. As I pointed, though, this was not the end, but the beginning of a treadmill of new problems.

Certainly those symptoms too can be covered up; you take drugs for indigestion, fatigue, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. There is always a drug that will address some of the plethora of symptoms, but there is no drug in this circumstance that will ever, ever, EVER bring about health.

An especially troubling case of the war on symptoms is chemotherapy. The patient is rarely asked why they think they may have cancer, or what they think may have caused it, or what environmental exposures or traumatic incidences they’ve experienced which may have tipped the balance. It is not even routine procedure to check on the anti-oxidants status of the body, their PH levels or their ability to fight free radicals.

They are not given a chance to reflect upon their experience in a constructive way or asked what they have changed in their lives as a result. There is no interest shown in lifestyle, dietary or any other changes. Yet, it has been suggested that a large percentage of patients with cancer are making dietary and lifestyle changes in their lives. The presumption is that the cancer will either be “cut out” or destroyed with chemotherapy. The patient then is enlisted in the “war” against cancer.  As discussed in the next post, though, in this case it is a losing battle, indeed.


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