I have successfully treated patients using BowenFirst™ for frozen shoulders, sciatica, migraines, low back pain, whiplash, TMJ and fibromyalgia, as well as for generalized aches and pains with their various reasons and likely “explanation” as in osteoarthritis years after a sports injury, or pain of unknown origin and of variable intensity.


I have seen a patient, suffering from a “frozen shoulder” for five to seven years, in a couple of treatments, regain complete mobility. Swollen joints promptly give up protective swelling and move freely. A neck held rigid by calcification becomes mobility, allowing the body to reabsorb the osteophytes.


In just 3 to 5 sessions, most patients experience relief. The treatment is gentle, does not require effort on their part, and yields results of 50% to 80% improvement by the third session and 100% by the fifth session in 85% of patients.


In patients who have been on strong opioids, like morphine, results are varied, possibly because they have reduced sensitivity to experience the input from the treatment. Patients taking muscle relaxants or using methods that artificially and temporarily achieve a short-term functional goal (i.e. relaxing the muscle without teaching the muscle how to relax on its own), may require additional treatments to see results; however, most patients have a very quick turn-around period.


As BowenFirst™ is a fairly new approach, the mechanisms of its actions are not all understood. Research would be very welcome as it would allow patients to understand the mechanisms involved and seek some comfort in what at this point appears to many as a “miracle.”


In the coming posts we’ll look at today’s pain research and maybe shed some light on the status quo.