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Children run across the playground, unbothered by life’s worries. They climb trees and hang on branches. The laugh over the simplest things. A stick can turn into a wand one minute and a sword the next. In their imaginations, they’re free to be whatever they want. If they fall, they just get up off the ground. They wipe off the tears, forget about the scrapes and bruises, and start running. They’re driven by a sense of adventure and wonder. Wide-eyed they stare in awe of everything they see.

As we get older, life continues to knock us off our feet. We carry a sense of failure, shame and guilt. The morning alarm blares loudly into our ears, and we dread another day. We begin to wear fear like an armor. We look in the mirror thinking, “Don’t let your hopes up. You’ve been hurt before.” Like our aging bodies, our spirits begin to weigh us down. With each new illness, we feel caged beneath all this flesh and bone. Yet this is only a symptom of something deeper — a yearning to lead a fulfilling life.


1.  Health is not just the absence of symptoms.

Medical practitioners go through a checklist of symptoms like fever, nausea or high blood pressure. They run x-rays and laboratory tests. If they can’t pin it down on anything, they claim it’s idiopathic with no known cause. Some may even dismiss it as psychosomatic or imaginary. Yet the reality is the patient continues to suffer from something.

Deep down, we all know what’s considered “normal” isn’t really natural. We long to find joy and meaning in our lives. Maybe it means growing old with someone special. Maybe it’s going for long walks in nature. Maybe it’s traveling to an exotic place with good food, laughter and music. True healing happens when we’re no longer bound to what’s keeping us stuck. Like a child, it’s the ability to take life’s knocks and still feel vibrant.`


2.  Intuition is felt in the body.

Discovering our purpose is a journey within. Other people may influence us or inspire us, but no one else can point towards our path. Yet when we find the meaning behind our lives, it comes to us as an inner knowing. Our subconscious speaks to us through our body. No longer do we rationalize our dreams as crazy and unbelievable. It’s an undeniable feeling pulsing through every fiber of our being. We just know.

When we are stuck in their traumas, we often confuse intuition with fear. We follow a script of self-doubt, guilt and shame. It’s only when these emotions are released from the body that we can hear our inner voice clearly.


3.  We enjoy life’s pleasures more.

When we feel whole, we’re able to act from an empowered place. Most of the time, we may not realize the extra weight we’re carrying until we let it go. So many of us have gotten used to exhaustion as the norm. We don’t notice just how much tension and stress we’re holding onto. Healing not only resets the state of our bodies but our minds as well. When we’re free from pain, we experience a lightness within. We stop focusing on things we can’t do and start living fully in the present moment.