I am Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND and I started Bowen College because I felt it was important to share an approach to healing that could help engage patients and clients in their own health.  Once you address people’s pain they are then ready to address all of their health issues.

The BowenFirst™Technique is a cross-fiber manipulation therapy that uses very gentle pressure to stimulate the brain to reboot the body. And when you reboot the body then suddenly all the systems work again.

At Bowen College, we don’t look at BowenFirst™  as physical therapy we view it as an opening, a door to the healing process. So it’s not about working on the body, it’s working with the body.

Discover how BowenFirst™ Therapy can help you serve your patients better, relieve them from pain faster and help you build a successful practice. Join me on my seminar and let’s start building your profitable passionate practice today.

Watch this informational video to learn more about the story of Bowen College and the BowenFirst™Technique.

What Questions do you have about Bowen College?

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“My training with the Bowen College has given me skills to truly help my patients with any structural and physical issues, as well as emotional and stress difficulties. It has been such a rewarding experience helping so many people feel so much better!

Dr. Maryam Fredosian,ND, 5 Stars