As our community is slowly returning to practice and as many of our supporters are hoping to receive the much needed care from our Bowen practitioners, I want to share as my message for this month a deeply resonating message that will hopefully fill your hearts with peace.

Zach Bush, a triple Board Certified Physician, voices the need to be humble and curious as we transition into a life-preserving ecologic sociological and economic paradigm based on a deep understanding of our connection to nature. He addresses issues such as why antibody production is only a small aspect of our immunity and why the concept of herd immunity is not possible. He talks about how pesticides like Round-up destroy and poison the enzymes in our body that normally look for RNA from virus and take care of them and how changing our focus to working with a healthy microbiome and replenishing “our soil” with healthy amino acids would offer solutions to deal with environmental toxicity.

He explains why the hypoxic-inducing conditions in our environment activated the virus and why we can expect the virus to be finished its cycle by May 2021. He addresses why ventilators cannot change the RBC’s lack of oxygen-carrying capacity and how without an increase in WBC count or lymphocytes, it is not the virus causing the disease- it is simply the messenger carrying information to an already broken system further amplified by “pharmaceutically upregulated” receptors. He compares the health of our soil (or lack thereof because of monocultures practices) to the loss of our internal ecosystem due to the beliefs the current medical paradigm holds where we are essentially at war with our bodies. As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, I deeply resonate with the understanding of holism in our microcosm as well as the interconnectivity of all biological systems.

Zach holds the space much needed to move past our fear-based society. He holds the space for the importance of diverse communications for thought and science and for compassion for doctors and healthcare workers- many of whom broke their deepest ethical commitments caught in the neurobiology of fight and flight. He does address why our “Pandemic” Assumptions are wrong and why the type of vaccines being developed now are missing the mark. He is not pro or anti- just refreshingly curious and humble.

This two-hour interview is well worth watching if you are looking to break the cycle of fear, conspiracy or hopelessness. Before commenting on this post, please watch it, make sure you are not just “reacting”. I invite a true and respectful discussion so that our diverse perspectives are respected.

(please don’t let the sensationalist headline stop you)