Bowen isn’t just for humans, it is spreading into the equine world as well. And why wouldn’t it help the whole body naturally rebalance, repair and heal itself, regardless of whether the body has two or four legs?

As it is with humans, when one area of our fascia (connective tissue) is compromised or injured, it can have lasting effects in an area far from the original injury site. And it can be lethal for horses. So how does a left hind quarters injury get treated by releasing the right shoulder?  Through the study of meridians, we have found that by releasing the bad memory habits of the brain through Bowen, injuries in all areas of the body, heal faster.

By using Bowen on the TMJ of a horse it causes a minute disturbance, or a rebooting of the brain, where adhesions and scar tissue soften and the natural healing process begins. A previously contracted muscle moves, resets while the mind and body figure out together what needs to happen next. Bowen breaks the cycle of protection that is trapped in the brain and nudges it into a healing mode. ‘True healing occurs at all levels: physical, chemical and emotional. The pain that an injured horse feels is not just physical; it is also emotional. We know that there is an emotion in every cell of the equine’s body, thanks to neuroscientists Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, whose research has proven how the mind and body are connected.’ (

The Mind/Body, or rather the Body/Mind connection, is what my work is all about. We are having a Healing Accelerator Workshop on December 3rd, at Cedar Lake Farms in Ontario.  Cheryl Gibson from Equi-Bow Canada is our host and will be demonstrating Bowen on horses! It’s exciting! Come check it out!