The BowenFirst™Technique is a body manipulation therapy that uses very gentle pressure to stimulate the brain to reboot the body. Oftentimes, the most common approaches to stress management just don’t work and when they do, they don’t have long lasting results for the following reasons:

  1. Pain is at the root of most physiological stress and unless the stress management addresses the pain the results won’t last.  
  2. What we think, our belief systems, our subconscious, must be brought out with the body portal.
  3. We need to recalibrate the autonomic nervous system.  All healing takes place in what is called the parasympathetic system.  That’s the system that allows us to repair, restore and regenerate. We are pretty much out of sync most of the time because our stress levels put us in sympathetic mode.  

Those three elements must be addressed and if you’re interested I will show you how just visit  

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