Massage therapist, Christopher Sherman reviews Dr. Manon Bolliger’s LISTEN program – a part of Bowen Therapy certification program at Bowen College.  Sherman has taken Dr’s Bolliger’s LISTEN program.  

The LISTEN program is an exploration of all the components at our disposal in our Intelligent Healing bodies.   You learn to listen to your body when it speaks to you so that you can own your health and removes the blocks to healing and transformation. You will learn to come  from a place of clarity, confidence, and conviction when it comes to your health and your life as a whole. This course will give you insights into managing stress and optimizing your ability to stay aligned and in flow and become the most successful practitioner/healthcare provider you desire to be.

This eCourse is one of a variety of programs and courses offered by Bowen College.  

As Sherman notes this course is useful for not only for the therapist but for anyone!  Listen as he shares his thoughts in today’s video below:



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