Regardless of your personal choice to take one of the ways of diminishing symptomatic response to the then covid-virus, I am quite sure most of you realize that when it comes to the Delta variant and the many new variants that focusing so specifically on a spike protein anti-body response has the inadvertent impact of decreasing T cell immunity. This means that we are back to the same issue of needing to figure out how to strengthen our own immune system. Since our government refuses to follow the science on vit d and even other drugs that have had wide clinical use and saves many lives, and that we as ND’s have a gag order when it comes to suggesting anything outside the narrative, I decided to put on my prior legal hat and recommend that we all stand strong and together to fight the V passport. If you have already taken the injection, it is being suggested that it will need to be renewed every 90 days to stay effective. The passports will effect that. I do believe that there will be a time when some of you may even want to opt out of that. So my suggestion is to resist now to have central governmental control of how we want to govern our own health and our own bodies.

Have a look at these legal opinions on whether a vaccine passport is even legal in Canada

Here is the link to Bill S201


Thank you for considering this point of view.

I just signed the petition “B​.​C Ministry of Health: Ban vaccine passports in B​.​C” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.  Our goal is to reach 7,500 signatures and we need more support. For BC you can read more and sign the petition here


For Ontario No Vaccine Passport Petition – click here