As diverse as we are, emotional and physical pain is something most of us have in common. Pain relief is another story. Conventional medicine tends to fall short palliating with pills rather than curing, but there is an alternative.

Award-winning naturopath Dr. Manon Bolliger is a leading expert and pioneer in healing pain and trauma, through her innovations and contributions to the Bowen Therapy Technique™. Named for the late Tom Bowen, this method of healing promotes patient awareness of the emotional connection to the body and a collaborative effort between doctor and patient.

“It is through a sequence of relay points, which are organized sequentially, the body starts to produce its own healing process. The person may experience either heat in an area or they could experience an emotion that comes up and then just releasing it, it allows them to process that quickly and integrate it into their body.”  

Dr. Bolliger knows firsthand that the Bowen Method works.  She says it was Bowen Therapy, homeopathy, and listening to her body that allowed her body the space to cure itself of MS and stage 4 cancer.  

“I went through this process myself with my own diseases and the first thing I did was I removed the diagnosis and the story behind the diagnosis. I looked inside and asked myself what’s going on, why am I developing this disease? I looked at my circumstances and  I really worked on reframing my version of pain. I got to the root of things and I was changing.”

It was through her own healing process that inspired Dr. Bolliger to take the technique to another level and train others.  She is now one of the most experienced and recognized instructors of the Bowen Technique in the world after teaching more than 1,000 health practitioners the Bowen Method.

“ I feel that Dr. Bolliger has a lot of integrity and a lot of wisdom and those are probably the two qualities that drew me in the most.  Her passion was infectious. She was definitely an inspiration and you can see in the way she applies everything that she is dedicated and she loves it and you just want to do the same.”

Dr. Caitlin Kolbuc, ND

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