We started our first steps toward me telling you about my healing journey with MS. As preliminary to that, it was necessary to remind you of a couple important things. Including that each person’s journey will be individual. There are no cookie cutter solutions. However, there are common themes. The key ones are the role of love and fear.

Consciousness expands when we pay close attention and accept whatever happens to our perceptions as we accumulate life experience and expose ourselves to knowledge. We must be careful though, for knowledge is worthless without the interpreter.
For example, I have often recommended Gabor Mate’s book, “When the Body Says No” to many of my patients as an excellent source of knowledge. But I find that without the right support, they won’t have the strength to face the important issues and will fail to feel empowered to change their patterns.

Most of my MS patients have shared these characteristics: weak personal boundaries, dysfunctional relationships, history of physical or emotional abuse, preference for putting the needs of others before their own, an inordinate need for affection and love, feelings of inadequacy due to perceived inability to cope, and were in the midst of grieving or other emotional upset. This we might say has been the details of the journey so-far, the effective emotional context, for MS as I’ve perceived it in my practice.

And that will set the stage for telling you my own story with MS, which I’ll begin in my next post. I look forward to seeing you, then.