I recently treated a patient who was suffering from back pain.  She had seen a chiropractor and tried other therapies before someone told her that I could help her.  

I asked her, “What’s your back pain about?” To which she responded, “Well, no one has asked me that.”  She then proceeded to tell me about an employee of hers who always comes in late. She explained that the employee has a really hard life and that she understood why she was late.  She also shared how she knew that she herself couldn’t take on the work of the employee nor did she have time to look for another one.

Of course, we agreed that as a result she was stressed!  In fact, she explained, “I am bending over backward.” We both agreed that her body was not in line. She knew she had pain, but she didn’t know how to interpret the pain.  

However, she knew that she was in pain.  She had a couple of treatments and was able to stand up to the situation that she was in and after which she no longer had back pain.  

She experienced the Bowen Technique.  This is the therapy that I teach in Bowen College and what I am so passionate about sharing with others.  

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