Everyone talks about finding one’s life purpose, but not many people know what it is. As a child, it’s easy to dream big dreams. You can be an astronaut, a pirate or a mermaid. Children are unafraid even of dreaming what grown-ups would consider dreams that are “too small” like being a truck driver or a waitress. As the shadows of youth leave us behind, the question begins to haunt us. Time weighs heavier on our shoulders the more we lose it. We learn there’s a price to pay for whatever path we choose.

If you wish to be a doctor, you invest many years of your life and spend thousands of dollars. The same is true for any profession. If your dream is to be an artist or a musician, you may not earn much. You may risk falling into obscurity. It’s these harsh realities that often replace hope with fear. Maybe you start listening to the voices in your head telling you it’s too late, you’re not good enough, and you need to be practical. Yet when you resist your calling, you find that no matter how much work you do, it feels empty. There’s a void you can’t quite grasp within yourself, and you feel restless inside.

Fear is an illusion.


When you succumb to your fears, you make yourself very small. You fall into the illusion that if you play it safe, then nothing can hurt you. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Lowering your expectations of yourself doesn’t make you immune to disappointments. In fact when you aim low, you experience twice the heartbreak. Not only are you not living up to your full potential, but when you do stumble, it cuts deeper.

Living life with courage allows you to step into your own power. You become grounded and deeply rooted into your own being. Like a strong tree, you grow and bear fruit, so you can help more people.

Service is the heart of life.

Purpose is driven by a sense of servitude. Now, this isn’t to be confused with weak boundaries. It’s not about letting others step all over you. No, this is knowing your strengths and capabilities. It’s about understanding your true worth as a human being. When you realize how abundant you truly are as a person, you can freely give of yourself to those in need. The pursuit of excellence is often matched with the desire to make a difference.

You grow aligned with your truest self.

Whenever you stray from your path, you commit an act of self-abandonment. As dramatic as it sounds, that’s exactly what it is. All of your life’s experiences culminate to make you a unique individual — irreplaceable by anyone else in the world. When you become less than who you are, it’s like having a puzzle piece missing in the picture. Daring to find and fulfill your highest purpose is an act of self love, self care and self responsibility. By doing so, you not only create the reality you want, but you also inspire others to do the same.