The last month or so I’ve been telling you about my journey with MS. When I compare my results, and those of patients who have done well managing their MS, with those who have had a harder time, I see one important difference. Those who did not do well kept getting retriggered by an unsupportive environment, which made the transformation more difficult. They also “chose” to listen to fear and did not embrace the vast open field of possibilities that come with embracing love.

The ones who did well freed themselves from the repeated experience of the perceived stress during their healing. They either eliminated the perceived stress or learned to perceive the stress differently so that it gave up its hold on them.

As Byron Katie has stated so eloquently, “…it only takes one to be happy in a relationship.”

Circumstances changed for some of these patients; for others, it was just a change in their ways of perceiving, allowing them to move forward in their lives. They increased their awareness and reminded their bodies of the healing path.

These experiences left me with a greater sense of autonomy and independence from the emotional expression of others. Instead of retreating and putting up walls to “protect myself” from the emotional pain of unrequited love, I was free to experience the dynamic without the self-sabotage program running in the background.

I was free to make choices that were loving-to-myself and I was free to leave without animosity or ill feeling when my marriage finally ended.

I made those choices, and so I became what I needed to become.

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